Writing Madness – Everyone Has a Book Inside



You might have already heard about the writing madness that approaches us with huge steps. Immediately after we say farewell to the scary Halloween, something even more overwhelming falls upon us – yes, you guessed right – it’s the National Novel Writing Month or NaNoWriMo – a fun and truly-inspiring way of getting closer to the literature and books.

The challenge is to write a 50,000-word within a month. “Why”, you would ask. Oh, many reasons – have you every wondered what it takes to be a writer? Want to improve your writing skills? Do you love books and just want to have some fun? Join in.

The main point is not to fret about quality. Try to write quickly and you’ll soon find that you’re almost experiencing what one would describe – automatic writing. Words just keep pouring underneath your fingers.

What’s in it for children? An even more fun way to write a book is to make it a family endeavour. Or should I say a family drama? Just get together on a sofa and collaborate!

Did you know that there’s an alternative to the National Novel Writing Month? If the long summer months seems boring, participate in the JulNoWriMo – AKA July Novel Writing Month. Although nowhere near as popular amongst the amateur writers, it’s an interesting alternative event for those who need a little nudge to start writing books.

Or an even better alternative – just forget about the calendar and write whenever you find inspiration.

Pic by Ian Wilson via Creative Commons




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