The Railway Children

The Railway Children

The Railway Children

Roberta, Peter, Phyllis and their mother live in a cozy London home.  But, after their father suddenly disappears with two strangers, they are forced to go live in a small cottage in the country.  Their mother, an author, does everything she can to make things better for her family by writing books all the time.

Eventually, though, the family comes to enjoy living on their cottage and the railway that runs near it.  There is an old gentleman that rides on the train every day, and the kids make a habit of waving to him.  They become fascinated with the train and befriend its workers.

Through the people they meet, they learn a lot about the railway.  The children have a great time going on adventures, such as saving a train from disaster.  The old gentlemen even stops by to help them find their father and end the mystery.

ISBN: 9781853261077





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