The Magic Faraway Tree

The Magic Faraway Tree

The Magic Faraway Tree

British childrens author Enid Mary Blyton’s books have been translated into 90 languages. She is the fifth most translated author in the world. Her stories are suitable for different age groups. Every child can find something interesting in her books.

The Magic Faraway Tree is the second novel in the popular series of The Faraway Tree. Once upon a time a gigantic tree called the Faraway Tree grew in an enchanted forest. The tree wasn’t an ordinary one – it was a magical tree.

Three children – Joe, Beth and Franny move into a new house. Moving houses is always a very thrilling thing. There are so many mysterious objects and places to explore at the new place. But it is considered an unbelievable luck if not far from your house there’s a forest with a magical tree. Children climbed the gigantic tree and met many miraculous creatures. At the very top of the Faraway Tree they found a ladder to a magical land. This is a perfect book for adventure seekers!

ISBN: 9781405230285

This is a fantastic childrens book. I read this book when I was a kid myself. Now I read the story for my kids and they love it.

When we are walking in a forest with my grandson he is always looking for the magical tree and magical creatures.

I think that everyone must read the Magic Faraway Tree. It is an amazing book with remarkable characters and adventures.




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