The Borrowers – Mary Norton

The Borrowers

The Borrowers

Mary Norton is one of the most famous and successful British authors. Although she is mainly famous for her Borrowers series, she has a very special space in World’s children’s literature. She began her writing career in 1943 with a book titled “How to Become a Witch in Ten Easy Lessons”.

The first Borrowers book was published in 1952 but even 60 years on the book is still fresh and enjoyable – there are children and grown-ups who believe in tiny people and I don’t see anything wrong with that. But even if you don’t actually believe that somebody is living underneath your floorboards (that’s if you can find a reasonable explanation for your lost things) this book is full of enjoyable things.

The child’s fantasy is an inexhaustible realm and the author mirrors this world of fantasy in her works. It is a beautiful story about tiny people living in the home of the big people. They “borrow” different things and food to organize their own life underneath the floor.

To live in safety they need to keep their existence unknown. Secrets? If you’re familiar with children’s books, you’ll know that it would be against the rules if a secret remained a secret. Arriety – a borrower girl – breaks the rules and makes friend with a Big Boy. That’s where disobedience gets you! As a result the Borrowers are forced to move their cosy apartment and face the danger of the Big World out there.

It is known that Mary Norton has used her childhood home The Cedars as the setting for her timeless children’s novel.

ISBN: 9780140364514


It is a very nice bedtime story for my 7-year old daughter.

I would be happy to have the Borrowers in my home under my floor! A great story, very lovely indeed.

It is a great book. So lovely tiny people with their survival problems. Each kid must read this story!





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