Tackling a High Level of Illiteracy



A recent study looking into the literacy levels of young Londoners and their parents has revealed a shocking truth.

It is estimated that around 1 million people living in London can hardly read while every fourth child stays almost entirely illiterate after finishing their primary school.

Every fifth child at that stage cannot read at all – that’s 10-year-olds who should be enjoying books and developing their intellect but instead cannot read a single line.

Around 40% employers complain that some of their employees have difficulty to write, read and comprehend information. 5% of all Brits will stay stuck in the literacy level of a 7-year-old… for life.

This alarming study was carried out by the newspaper Evening Standard but there have been similar studies before.

What puzzles me is how it can be possible that teachers are letting those kids slip through the system. If 5 or 6 kids in your classroom are struggling with reading, what do you do? Do you really do nothing and just let him sit there blinking away year after year?

It wouldn’t be fair to lay all blame on teachers because in normal families, by the time a child starts his primary education, the basic concept about letters, words and reading in general is there already. If it’s not, you have to ask yourself – are you being a responsible parent and are you preparing your child for his adult life?

All in all, it’s not small numbers we’re talking about. It is millions of people struggling to read; and this is happening in a country that was once at the forefront of an industrial revolution and a major scientific breakthrough.

Pic by striatic via Creative Commons




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