Strega Nona – Tomie DePaola

Tommie DePaola

Tommie DePaola

American author Tomie DePaola was born to a family of Irish and Italian heritage. He was attracted to art and got a Master of Fine Arts degree. JHe has written and/or illustrated around 200 books.

Strega Nona was first published in 1979. Tomie has written and illustrated this children’s book. Strega Nona in Italian means grandma (nona) witch (strega). This book is about a magic healer living in Italy.

Strega Nona is an old woman who helps everyone. She cures headaches, helps young girls get them husbands. If somebody is in trouble, Strega Nona is always there to help. But she is too old to cope on her own so she takes on Big Antony to help her. She forbids Big Antony to touch her magic pasta pot.

Antony, of course, promises not to touch the pot but we all know how it is with promises. When Strega Nona goes to visit her friend, Big Antony uses the magic pasta pot to get some nice pasta for all people in town.

What Antony does not know is how to stop pasta pouring out of the pot. Pasta goes everywhere and threatens the town. When grandma returns she stops the pasta but, alas, the house is full of pasta to the very roof. There’s just one solution – Big Antony has to eat the pasta!

ISBN: 9781442416666


A very nice lesson for my 6-year old son. Children like magical stories.

We love this book. My two kids – 4 and 7 y.o. both love all Strega Nona books.

My 5 year-old daughter loves this children’s book so much that it has already become her bedtime ritual.




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