Shadow by Michael Morpurgo



English author Michael Andrew Bridge Morpurgo is the third Children’s Laureate. He has written more than 100 children’s books; and five of them have been made into films.

Shadow is a story of a boy from Afganistan. Aman is an illegal immigrant who is looking for an asylum in Britain. Aman’s father has been murdered. He and his mother flees Afganistan for England. When Aman was 8 he fell in love with a bomb-sniffer dog Shadow who had strayed from a British army battalion.

Aman and his mother fled together with Shadow but the springer spaniel was reunited with her battalion. They continued their dangerous journey without their favourite dog.

Aman’s temporary schoolmate Matt is living near the detention centre at his Grandpa’s. Aman is detained in this centre before they are sent back to Afganistan. Matt and his grandfather make an effort to release their friends from the Yarl’s Wood detention centre.

ISBN: 9780007339594

It’s a five-star children’s book. I bought it for my son – an 11-year old. He finished the book in a few evenings. It’s definitely a great book.

Michael Morpurgo is my favourite author. I read his latest book in one go.

Shadow is a book about friendship between an Afgan boy and a lost army sniffer dog. This book is sad – definitely a book for boys.




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