Rupert Bear Annual

Rupert Bear Annual 2011

Rupert Bear Annual 2011

This is the 75th annual Rupert’s history and it pays tribute to Rupert’s first appearance in the year 1920. 90th anniversary for Rupert as a character. The 2011 year annual includes stories from four different Rupert artists.

First to mention is Alfred Bestall, who was the author and illustrator of Rupert Bear for the London Daily Express from 1935 to 1965. Then the book also features stories from John Harrold, who is very famous for his drawings of Rupert the Bear, Stuart Trotter and of course Mary Tourtel, who is Rupert’s creator.

2011 annual also includes puzzles and various activities for Rupert’s fans in all ages to enjoy. This hardcover version has seventy-two pages and many older annual versions of Rupert Bear keep popping up so you might want to collect them all. You can even find some editions from the 1960’s and get your hands on different collectors items.

This 75th edition is a celebration and no matter, which author or illustrator you like the most, they are all featured in 2011 annual for everyone to compare.

ISBN: 9781405252393

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Our great-grandson is a good excuse for us to enjoy Rupert’s stories and pictures all over again after some time.

I always enjoy these annuals and buy this annual every year, but unfortunately they seem to keep shrinking. Anyway, I will collect them.

This edition contains some very nice stories and pictures from the very beginning of Rupert the Bear. Very nice selection.




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