There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Fly

This classic board book is illustrated by Pam Adams and it brings well-known nursery rhyme to life with it’s brilliant die-cut holes. Illustrations definitely add a lot of fun and excitement to the book. It retells a childhood’s favourite story to your toddler and is also a lot of fun for yourself. Nice coloured pages and different animals shown in the old lady’s belly will get your toddler to giggle enthusiastically. Every page has different background colour and also beautiful pictures drawn next to the text.

It is available for babies, toddlers, pre-schoolers and for a nursery or a classroom. There is also a Kindle edition available, apart from paperback and board book versions being on sale. This book with holes is a must for your child, as it is still very popular song to sing, even though it was first published thirty-eight years ago in 1973 by Child’s Play (International) Ltd. There are also several audio versions(downloads and compact discs) available in the store and you may find great deals with discounts from Amazon “Frequently bought together” section.

My little girl likes it so much. She likes the fact, that you can see what old lady has  she shouts at the end of every page “Perhaps she’ll die!”

A funny book with beautiful pictures to sing along with. I bought it for my nephew for my brother to sing along with him, it’s a fun story for kids (and adults) to enjoy.

Well-known rhyme, which is now put into a book and printed, so that kids may see what is inside the tummy. Easy to rip pages, so be careful, but a very nice and clever idea of making a enjoyable products.




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