Of Mice and Men: with Notes – Joel Steinbeck

This novel was first described as a “fairy tale” when published in 1937 and is considered one of the most poignant books of Joel Steinbeck. This depression era masterpiece talks about two guys George and Lennie, who chase American Dream of owning a small ranch of their own. Story concentrates on the fact, that people who work at ranches are extremely lonely. They have no family and no real place to belong to.

Main characters of the novel are migrant American labourers, one of them is very alert and protective when the other is a strong, stupid and sometimes even dangerous man. This is a great tale of their special relationship and pursuit of their dream to find a more stable and less lonely way of life. Educational edition of “Of Mice and Men” has questions and notes for students to help them understand the text and the era and also revise knowledge about the book. This novel is a great piece of modern fiction suitable for 14-18 year olds of all abilities.

A programme of study provides practice in skills required at GCSE. Lovely book to read with attractively designed and coloured beautiful hardback. Definitely a joy!


My teenage daughter thinks this edition is really helpful when doing notes for her essay. We think it is a great book and a great purchase.

This product is great material for anyone, who is doing “Of Mice and Men” for their GCSE but also for others, because I consider this book to very interesting and a great read.

as per usual with amazon, book arrived quickly. seems to the most popular version in the school class and although at first my son was unsure about the notes he finds them very useful.




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