Mr. Stink


This is second novel of David Walliams and it is illustrated by Quentin Blake. A funny and sometimes even hilarious story about Chloe and Mr. Stink, who is a local bum. They develop a special friendship, when Chloe decides to hide Mr. Stink in her garden shed. So Chloe has a secret and needs to make sure, that no one finds out, she’s got one. Mr. Stink is a bit twisted, but very original and touching well written story for five to seven year old children. Story is very child friendly and easy to understand. The author puts across some serious issues like prejudice, misconceptions and stereotypes in a way that children children can understand. So you may consider it as a smart, educative story. The novel was first published couple of years ago, so it is also available as and audiobook on CD. Paperback and hardcover versions also can be found on Amazon and UK residents may save on shipping costs with Super Saver Delivery. If you want something valuable to read, specially for your kids, then this is the one, you should go for. Mr. Stink has been described as “A funny and readable book” by Financial Times and has got good reviews from Telegraph, The Times and many, many others. With nice pictures and great illustrations it makes a great birthday or a Christmas present.

· ISBN-10: 000727906X

· ISBN-13: 978-0007279067


A strong story with strong moral foundation. My boy sat and read it without the need for me to keep reminding him.

My son has trouble getting to sleep and this Mr. Stink audiobook CD is very good listening material to help him fall asleep. Great storyline with great moral and a pleasure to listen to.

Daughter of mine described this book as the best she has ever read and this is enough for me to give a five star rating.




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