Kenneth Graheme – The Wind in the Willows

The Wind in the Willows

The Wind in the Willows

There aren’t many books in World literature that are read with enthusiasm by all people both adults and children.

Those books are loved, read and re-read many times during a lifetime. Using those great and important books parents educate their kids and occasionally turn a leaf or two in search for that life-knowledge.

The Wind in the Willows is one of those immensely rare books. Why is this book so popular? Frisky turns of plot? A deep sense of nature and life? Smart and witty description of characters, parody-like situations, sense of humour and that special poetry that ensures great success for a book.

The kind-hearted smile of the author is felt in every word, in every character. People need to be smiling more.

Children are known to sometimes read adult books but with The Wind in the Willows it’s absolutely the other way round. Adults actually read this children’s book with a great enthusiasm. Everyone is delighted with this beautiful, unrivalled world. The main characters living in this amazing world are four joyful and hearty lads – Mole, Ratty, Mr Toad and Mr Badger.

Sometimes they are like animals – real representations of their species, sometimes like real English gentlemen. Sometimes they are just like the friends of your own children – unruly, irresponsible, changing from good to bad in an instant.

There are a lot of adventures, transitions, wonders and secrets. The Wind in the Willows is like the air to breathe for kids – an amazing journey that you have to be a part of! The best thing about this children’s’ book is that it will never grow old.

ISBN: 9781840113525


We both read this wonderful book – me and my grandson – 5 years old. We like the beautiful illustrations by Roger Ingpen.

I prefer original E.H. Shepard illustrations but although Robert Ingpen’s creatures are very nice and charming.

This is indisputable a beautiful book for all ages one of the best children’s classic. It’s a wonderful gift to anybody – child or adult.




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