Getting Children to Read

Sometimes getting children to read is as difficult as making them eat sprouts. Both former and latter are absolutely essential for the little ‘un to grow into a respectable adult. So, what shall we do about it.

Ok, children, as we know, go through various phases. In fact, we all go through phases and it’s usually the relatives who suffer the most. Well, you know what I mean. So, for little children there are “Me-me-me” phase, “It’s mine and that’s mine too” phase, “I know better” phase (alas, I’ve been stuck in that one since 5 years of age) and many others. However, if you’re a good parent you’ll notice that there comes a time when the child tries to mimick you. He’ll do what you do, try to strike your poses and repeat all beep-words you say. Well, this is your moment! Miss it and, possibly, your next opportunity to be heard will come some 20 years later when he’s got over the “wanna try it all” phase.

Emh, one may discern that I’ve navigated too far away from the main topic but please be patient, I’m just trying to get my point across.

Through a certain age children learn by copying adults. It is very simple yet so many adults get it wrong. So, smoke in front of your children if you want them to become smokers or let yourself be seen reading a book if you want your child to love books. It’s that simple – the easiest way to get your children to read is to become a book lover yourself and journey into the wonderful world of books as a family unit.

A very wrong approach is to reward children for reading books. You’re just giving the child a wrong message. Being able to read is a privilege on its own. Show a good example and you’ll get a good result.




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