Everyone Has a Story – Family History for Children

They say that there’s a book inside everyone. Well, you might not fancy a literary career but still here’s an idea of how you can involve your family in an exciting history-preserving experience.

This is especially valuable for children because collecting your family stories and building a family tree forms the sense of integrity and togetherness. Secure your family history for the future generations.

The simplest way is to get a large album where the children will record stories and information that they gather from their grandparents and relatives. It is even better if you can support your “detective work” with photographical evidence. Ask adults to help you with that because it is quite easy to ruin an old photograph if handled improperly.

Look at the angle of your family history entwined with your local town’s or country’s history and ask yourself what can you do in order to preserve the traditions and memories. We are all part of a community – big or small.

Can you add a local perspective to your family journal? Try to find old photographs or postcards of your town and use them to emphasize your family history. After a while many of you will find that history is far from being a boring subject.

Be proud of who you are and try to be that little bit more patriotic. After all, who will preserve and nourish our traditions if we keep taking on too much outside influence?




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