Creating Interest in Reading

One of the main factors determining whether the child enjoys reading or not is picking the right material. If the child cannot relate to the story, he wil soon become bored. Whatever you find valuable or amusing doesn’t always mean the child will like it.

Generally, for very young children who’re just starting to learn to read, it is better to pre-feed the story. You read it first aloud and see the child’s reaction. If he’s asleep by the time you’ve finished, it’s a tell-tale sign that the story is wrong. If you reckon he’s interested, let him read the story aloud now.

For bigger children, it is probably better that you let him read a new story himself. He’ll love the feeling of discovery, which otherwise, if you pre-feed the story, isn’t there.

It is important to involve the child with the story. Once he’s read it aloud, it’s the time for you to discuss the story. Be diplomatic and let the child form his own independent judgement. Don’t force your own upon him. It doesn’t necessary mean that your interpretation of a situation is the right one. There is no such thing as universal truth. Although many (ok, the majority of) parents fear this more than a visit to a sadist-dentist, your task as a parent is to prepare children for an independet life. And tell you what, you’re not doing a great job if you’re attempting to make a small-size clone of your own self instead of helping the child building upon his own unique perception.




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