Learning To Read

Paired Reading – Two Heads are Better Than One

Children - Paired Reading

Kids are as different as us adults. It’s great that we’re all so different and unique – makes the world a funnier place! Because we are different, parents should try various methods to get children interested in reading. One of the methods that have been around for quite a while is Paired Reading. It’s a […]


Tackling a High Level of Illiteracy


A recent study looking into the literacy levels of young Londoners and their parents has revealed a shocking truth. It is estimated that around 1 million people living in London can hardly read while every fourth child stays almost entirely illiterate after finishing their primary school. Every fifth child at that stage cannot read at […]


Computer Games vs. Children’s Books

Kids Playing Computer Games

We are living in the era of computers and it’s not uncommon for young kids to be able to switch on the computer, find the games and sit down comfortably in front of a lifeless screen clicking away. In the unreal world they can dress dolls, shoot rabbits, jump through imaginary worlds… well, yes, they […]


Encouraging Reading in Small Children

There is a set of methods one can use before the child learns the letters and concepts of reading. Unfortunately, you cannot just buy him some books and hope he’ll become Einstein on his own. The best pre-reading activity is… drumroll… no, computer games is a wrong guess. Try again. Talking. Yes, talking and discussing […]


Learning New Words

Around the age of 3 or 4 the brainbox of your little ‘un reaches a state where it will hungrily strive for information. Of course, your task is to filter the incoming stream of information thus I’d hide that Penguin’s Slang Thesaurus if you don’t want to wake up to that juicy buzz-word. Reading books […]


Creating Interest in Reading

One of the main factors determining whether the child enjoys reading or not is picking the right material. If the child cannot relate to the story, he wil soon become bored. Whatever you find valuable or amusing doesn’t always mean the child will like it. Generally, for very young children who’re just starting to learn […]


Ways to Improve Reading Skills and Fluency in Children

Fluency is the ability to read and assimilate text quickly. Although fluency is a key factor to building a bridge between word recognition and text comprehension, there is much more to fluency from the psychological point of view. If your child cannot read fluently, he’ll become bored very soon. You can enjoy reading only if […]


Getting Children to Read

Sometimes getting children to read is as difficult as making them eat sprouts. Both former and latter are absolutely essential for the little ‘un to grow into a respectable adult. So, what shall we do about it. Ok, children, as we know, go through various phases. In fact, we all go through phases and it’s […]