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50-Pound E-Reader Bound to Change the Book Industry

The Weltbild E-reader

We all must have heard about the expensive Amazon Kindle e-book reader, a competotor OYO costing around 100 pounds or about the fact that e-books can be read on the iPad. People involved in the conventional book publishing (I mean the traditional stuff like paper, ink and all that sort of thing) have said that […]


Writing Madness – Everyone Has a Book Inside


You might have already heard about the writing madness that approaches us with huge steps. Immediately after we say farewell to the scary Halloween, something even more overwhelming falls upon us – yes, you guessed right – it’s the National Novel Writing Month or NaNoWriMo – a fun and truly-inspiring way of getting closer to […]


Amazon Author Central Launches

An interesting new development by Amazon. They’re trying to bring authors and readers together. Author Central is a free service to provide authors with a chance to reach more readers, create interest and help build a better bookstore. The official message by Amazon reads: “We love books, and books begin with authors. As an author, […]