Billionaire Boy – David Walliams

Billionaire Boy

Billionaire Boy

David Edward Walliams is an English comedian best known for Little Britain and Come Fly With Me. He’s not somebody who you’d like near your children but give the chap a chance. He’s actually very good! He published the first of his children’s books (a novel The Boy in the Dress) in 2008.

Billionaire Boy is his third book. The main character – 12 year old Joe – is the richest boy in the world. His father is an inventor of toilet roll. Joe has got absolutely everything – 8 billion pounds, his own cinema, bowling alley, crocodiles, robot dogs, all the world’s computer games, his own Formula 1 car and a private race track. Do you know who is his butler? Have a guess! No, it’s wrong – have another! His butler is an orang-utan.

Joe attends the poshest school in England but he isn’t happy. He has billions of pounds but he’s got no friends. Joe leaves his school and goes to a local comprehensive school. He understands that money doesn’t bring happiness.

The story is fun to read. It is bursting with jokes and laughs.

ISBN: 978-0007371044

This book is for reading and re-reading. David Walliams is a very talented man.

I really recommend this funny book. This book makes me and my children laugh so much!

I thought that this super book was fantastic for kids 8 to 13. But my grandson of 6 loves this book too. This is a funny and an amazing book.




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