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Secret Seed Society

Wanted: agents with green fingers! The Secret Seed Society has come up with a novel idea that is bound to get more kids into reading, gardening and healthy eating – an all-round solution, I’d say.

The Secret Seed Society has started a children’s books series starring various veggie characters like, for example, Rudy Raddish and Carla Carrot. The unsophisticatedly yet funnily drawn characters catch your attention instantly – a good work by illustrator Valentina Cavallini.

Each book contains a secret packet of seeds along with instructions and tasty recipes. Once you’ve read the story, sow the seeds, grow your own vegetables, cook them and enjoy them. It’s not necessary to own a garden or an allotment. Most of the veg can be grown in a deep planter, which is exciting news for city kids.

You’ll recognize the books as you see them – they even teach a lesson the way they look. Printed on a paper that feels thicker than usual with strong and earthy colours – it’s there to share an environmental message with children and their parents. These children’s books are printed on recycled paper using vegetable oil-based inks.

The concept was created by Shena Cooper – she’s the director and the main driving force of the Secret Seed Society. Visit their website and facebook profile and become involved in the healthy lifestyle revolution!




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