50-Pound E-Reader Bound to Change the Book Industry

The Weltbild E-reader

The Weltbild E-reader

We all must have heard about the expensive Amazon Kindle e-book reader, a competotor OYO costing around 100 pounds or about the fact that e-books can be read on the iPad. People involved in the conventional book publishing (I mean the traditional stuff like paper, ink and all that sort of thing) have said that the kindles and similar e-readers were too expensive to pose a real threat to the book industry.

Simply nobody could afford them. World’s cheapest e-reader OYO costs around 100 pounds.

Meanwhile something has happened that is bound to change the way we read. The German-based publisher Weltbild has created a brand new e-reader with a retail price of just 50 pounds. Suddenly the whole idea transforms from an expensive geeky gadget into something that most of us could potentially afford.

How is that going to affect the way we read books? It is estimated that by 2015 more than a quarter of all books sold will be delivered via electronic format.




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